A Guide to Getting Your Cat in a Pet Carrier

One of the biggest challenges as a cat owner is being able to get a cat into their pet carrier. When it comes time to take them to the vet or move them from place to place, they can be very scared and hesitant, making this process near impossible for some owners. Bobby Cawthron, Lead Veterinarian at Aspen Grove, talks us through tips and tricks in our guide to help make this process much easier and more enjoyable for both you and your cat.

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Choosing the Right Carrier

Small carriers can make your cat very uncomfortable, so it is important that the carrier is one and a half times bigger than your cat. This allows them more room for them to move around. It is equally important though to make sure the carrier isn’t too big to overwhelm your cat. However, it is better to have your carrier slightly too big rather than slightly too small.

Early Preparation

Stress from your cat can also be eased by early preparation. One of the tips we recommend it keeping your carrier in your house, stored in a closet so it stays cleaner. Only bring it out periodically, and when you do, throw some treats and a warm blanket in it to make it more inviting for your cat. This makes the cat more comfortable instead of attempting to put them into something they aren’t familiar with!

Pheromone Sprays

One product that is out on the market that can make transport easier for your cat are pheromone sprays. One of them is called Feliway, which can be sprayed on the kennel to calm your cat down. It’s a great product to use on the day of transport to make it a much less stressful event.


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