Pets and COVID-19 | What You Need To Know

brown black and white dog and orange and white cat laying on their bellies in the grass playing

  We’ve had many people come to us with questions regarding Covid-19 and the safety of themselves and their pets. Although it is possible for a pet to get the virus from humans, it is highly unlikely and poses a relatively low risk. Our top priority at Aspen Grove Veterinary…

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March Madness!

10% OFF Everything You Need For Spring Heartgard Plus (6, 9, and 12 month supplies) NexGard Profender Heartworm Tests New Clients Welcome! Call (970) 416-0232 for more details or to schedule an appointment.   Heartworms & Heartworm Test Why is a heartworm test important? Before starting a heartworm preventative, your…

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Holiday Decor Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Check out Aspen Grove Veterinary Care’s tips for cat owners and keep your cat safe from holiday decor this year!  With all the excitement of the holidays, sometimes we can lose track of our cats only to find them chewing on the decor or playing with a favorite fragile ornament.…

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Colorado Winter Safety Tips for Dogs in the Snow

dog running in snow with red ball

Colorado winters are mild compared to many other locations, but that doesn’t make the snow any less cold! It is important to know how to care for your pets before, during and after they are out in the snow. Here are some of our expert tips on how to keep…

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The Advantages of Pet Urgent Care

girl in red shirt with veterinarian

Some pet conditions and injuries just can’t wait, and that can be stressful for you and your pet. Luckily, there are advantages to Urgent Pet Care at Aspen Grove Veterinary Clinic. Our conveniently located emergency and urgent medical care team is here to relieve the stress in the following ways.…

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