How to Clean A Dog’s Ears

man cleaning dogs ears

Cleaning a dog’s ears is an essential part of a proper grooming and health routine. By getting regularly cleaned, ear infections are less likely to develop. Dr. Bobby Cawthron, the Lead Veterinarian at Aspen Grove, talks us through how to clean a dog’s ears by including recommended products and techniques…

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A Guide to Getting Your Cat in a Pet Carrier

girl holding cat in carrier

One of the biggest challenges as a cat owner is being able to get a cat into their pet carrier. When it comes time to take them to the vet or move them from place to place, they can be very scared and hesitant, making this process near impossible for…

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Why Do Cats Purr?

grey cat being pet under its chin

Cat Purring starts in the brain and then it usually travels down neural pathways into the larynx (throat) and the diaphragm causing oscillations. These oscillations move air across the larynx and cause a vibration which is what we audibly hear as the purr. Through these oscillations, interestingly enough, there are…

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Home Dental Care for Dogs

chocolate lab getting teeth brushed

One of the first questions we get at Aspen Grove is about the plaque on dog teeth and how to get it off. Most dogs are pretty amenable to brushing their teeth. It really comes down to finding the time and effort to train them to get used to…

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How to Introduce Babies to Dogs

baby girl playing with puppy

Preparing for the arrival of your new baby should include a plan for carefully introducing the baby to your dog(s). You will want to start to do this before the baby has already arrived. The first step is getting the dog adjusted to the baby’s surroundings: crib, clothing, toys and…

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