Board & Train | Fort Collins Dog Training While You Board!

Board & Train

Pick two behaviors from the lists below and  then pick your dog up trained, it’s that simple!

For just $230,  this program includes:

  • 4 days and 3 nights of standard Overnight Boarding and Doggie Day Care.  Additional days of boarding will be charged at our regular rates.
  • Daily private lessons with a professional trainer
  • Continued reinforcement and training during play time at Doggie Day Care
  • Consultation after training to teach you how to maintain your dog’s new behaviors

Invest in your dog! Call (970) 416-0232 and make their reservation today!

Tier I Behaviors

Your dog must know his/her name and be able to hold eye contact. Two obedience behaviors are available in lieu of Tier I.

  • Come When Called
  • Leave It (toys, socks, etc.)
  • Shake Hands, Roll Over, or any other ‘fun’ trick you have in mind
  • Down Stay
  • Sit Stay
  • Walk Nicely on a Leash

Tier II Behaviors

Your dog must be competent in two Tier I Behaviors, one of which is Sit-Stay, to continue to Tier II Behaviors

  • Sit Until Released
  • Heel
  • Go To Your Bed
  • Wait at Door : Your dog will sit quietly and wait for you to walk through the door first
  • Wait at Food Bowl :  Your dog will sit quietly and wait for you to place the food bowl on the ground