Boarding Pets

No owner enjoys leaving their furry friends behind, but unfortunately, this is the case sometimes. Boarding pets can be a scary unknown, but consider the following do’s and don’t’s for preparation.

Do: Vaccinate – Most kennels require pets to be up-to-date on all vaccinations before boarding. Chat with your veterinarian to see if your pet is due for shots.  Ask for a copy of veterinary records for the kennel.

Don’t: Change Diet – Continue to use your pet’s regular food leading up to boarding. You do not want to leave your pet with digestive problems while you are away.

Do: Bring Pet’s Favorites – Bringing your pet’s bed, blanket and a few toys creates a feeling of home. Double check with your kennel on what you are allowed to bring during boarding.

Don’t: Forget Schedule – Type up your pet’s day-to-day schedule for the kennel doctors and workers. This will ensure your pet will resume life as if he/she was at home.

Do: Collar – Update your pet’s collar with correct name spelling and owner information.

Don’t: Panic – Do not make a fuss when dropping off your pet. Not only will this upset you, but your pet as well. Stay calm and happy to create a relaxed atmosphere.

While you are away, there is no need to worry about your pet. With overnight dog boarding at The Cabins at Aspen Grove, your pet will be cared for, played with and under the watchful eyes of dedicated experienced and professional kennel team. Come tour the facility (noon–2 p.m.), Monday–Friday or call (970) 416-0232 for more information.

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