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Is My Pet Dehydrated?

One of the more common reasons people give us a call, is when their pet may not be feeling well and they might have some other symptoms including some GI distress. They often just want to know “how sick is my pet?” and “should I be worried about them more?”…

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Saving Your Pet with CPR

Saving your pet with CPR

Do you know how to react in the event of a veterinary emergency? Are you prepared to save your four-legged friend’s life? Are you familiar with saving your pet with CPR? Although human anatomy is vastly different than that of a dog or cat, the basics of our cardiovascular systems…

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How Long do Cats Live?

After watching your kitten grow up right before your eyes, or see a family friend get long in the tooth, it’s only natural to wonder, “How long do cats live?” Thanks to significant research in the fields of nutrition, preventative disease and feline anatomy, cats are living longer than ever.…

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Understanding Cat Behavior

There are as many cat personalities as there are cats, so understanding your kitty is largely a matter of getting to know his likes and habits. As individual as they are, cats are still governed by instinct, so being able to read their body language and actions is a key…

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Winter Months Pet Care

Regardless if your pet would rather be jumping in the snow or snuggled up under a cozy blanket, pet owners need to prepare pet protection for winter months. This is a time when our beloved pets need a little extra care. Happiest Indoors Regardless where your pet want to spend…

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Signs of Dental Problems in Pets

You (hopefully) brush your teeth twice daily, and still end up with a dental problem now and then. Your pet? Probably not as fastidious on the oral hygiene as you are. So why be surprised that your four-legged friend has dental issues? Did you know that dogs are about five…

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When Is the Right Time to Euthanize a Pet?

It’s never an easy decision to say goodbye to a beloved companion. Knowing you’ve made the best decision possible can take some of the unease of the decision to decide if it’s the right time to euthanize a pet. Pets tend to live in the moment, and don’t reflect on…

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Stopping Your Cat From Scratching

You love your cat. You also love your furniture. Sooner or later these loves will collide when your cat starts using your favorite comfy chair to sharpen his claws. Because it’s an instinctive behavior, stopping your cat from scratching is a futile task, though smart owners develop strategies to deter…

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Dogs Test Positive for Rabies in Colorado

Heads up, pet owners! Two Colorado dogs recently tested positive for rabies, the first reported cases in Colorado since 2003. Is your pet vaccinated? Learn more about rabies and how to protect yourself and your pets below. Both dogs and cats are susceptible to rabies and both can pass it to…

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Summer Pet Dangers

Summer’s almost here, and you and your pets are ready to enjoy everything the Colorado climate has to offer. You may also face some summer pet dangers as you’re out and about, and protecting your four-legged buddy starts with awareness. You’re a smart and responsible pet owner, so we’re not…

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