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Pets and COVID-19 | What You Need To Know

brown black and white dog and orange and white cat laying on their bellies in the grass playing

  We’ve had many people come to us with questions regarding Covid-19 and the safety of themselves and their pets. Although it is possible for a pet to get the virus from humans, it is highly unlikely and poses a relatively low risk. Our top priority at Aspen Grove Veterinary…

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On June 9, 2020 The Coloradoan ran a story about four Fort Collins residents who are being treated for rabies following a potential exposure from a bat.  Rabies is transmitted through saliva and found in bats, skunks, fox, coyotes, mountain lions, and other wild life. It can be passed on…

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Update 5/11/2020 For your appointment, you may come inside the building or receive curbside service. The choice is yours. If you wish to come inside for your appointment, please observe these safety guidelines: One adult per appointment This includes children. If you need to bring your child(ren) to your appointment…

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Colorado Wildflowers Poisonous to Dogs

There is nothing better than getting out in the fresh air with your dog. There are many dog-friendly hiking trails and walking paths in the area with beautiful landscapes and plethoras of Colorado wildflowers. However, not all wildflowers are dog-friendly. Here four poisonous Colorado wildflowers to be on the lookout…

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Health Alert: Rabies in Colorado, 2018

According to the Department of Public Health & Environment so far in 2018, 309 animals from Colorado have tested positive for rabies. Of those, 175 rabid animals were known or strongly suspected of exposing 350 domestic pets, 114 livestock animals, and 115 people. Map of Rabies Positive Tests in Larimer…

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My Dog Ate a Grape, What Do I Do?

  Aspen Grove Veterinary Care is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you do not live in Fort Collins, please contact a local veterinarian. So your dog ate a grape, or maybe a couple of raisins. What happens next? The answer is largely based on how quickly you seek veterinary…

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Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

Recreational marijuana use has increased an average of over 75 percent in the past ten years. This steep rise not only means that marijuana is becoming more socially available, but also that our pets are becoming increasingly exposed to a potential toxin. Marijuana effects pets differently than humans, and in…

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Holiday Health Hazards for Pets

As homes fill with holiday spirit, new sights, smells and tastes may intrigue your pets. While you’re enjoying the season, you may be endangering your four-legged friend. Keep an eye out for pet health hazards that surface over the holidays. Christmas Wrappings  As you wrap up your holiday gifts, pets…

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Dogs Test Positive for Rabies in Colorado

Heads up, pet owners! Two Colorado dogs recently tested positive for rabies, the first reported cases in Colorado since 2003. Is your pet vaccinated? Learn more about rabies and how to protect yourself and your pets below. Both dogs and cats are susceptible to rabies and both can pass it to…

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Pet Safety: Wild Fires & Smoke

With all the recent wildfires in Colorado, and Fort Collins specifically, Aspen Grove Vet Care would like to remind you of proper fire safety and prevention for families with pets. Statistics show that half a million pets are affected and 40,000 pets are killed by fires annually.  So before a…

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