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Exercise Tips for a Cold Day

When it’s cold outside, especially in Fort Collins,  it’s hard to be motivated to walk your dogs. There are great indoor exercises you can do with your pet on those chilly, Colorado days. Here are are a few pet exercise tips from the staff at Aspen Grove Vet: Utilize your stairway.…

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Tips for Handling Hungry Dogs

My hungry dog pesters me until I feed her. Any suggestions? We’ve all done it. We give in and feed our dogs treats because it’s easier to feed them than to deal with the constant begging. Don’t worry, you are not alone!  Our dogs have trained us well and know…

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Body Condition System Helps Monitor Pet’s Size

How do I know if my pet is getting too big? This is one of the most common questions pet owners ask us at Aspen Grove Veterinary Clinic.  The answer is to look at their BODY CONDITION SCORE (BCS). The Body Condition System is a 9-point scale that was developed…

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Pet Treats: Friend or Foe?

Pet treats are a major contributor to weight gain in pets. Those tiny pet treats are often hiding a significant amount of calories that add up quickly. For example, 1-Large Milk Bone treat has 115 calories! Most pet owners give their pets up to three treats a day, that adds up…

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