Choosing Healthy Cat Food

You take the time to eat right and feed yourself quality food, so shouldn’t you be making the same effort for your feline friend? And while it’s easy to know if you’re eating too much junk food, the quality of the food you pour into your kitty’s bowl may not be so obvious.

So what should you look for when you browse the pet food aisle? Aspen Grove Veterinary Care lead veterinarian Dr. Bobby Cawthron advises there are three major ways to determine if your cat’s food is up to standards:

AAFCO Statement: The American Association of Food Control Officers provides a statement to ensure you know what you’re purchasing. Look for an AAFCO statement that says it’s been formulated or, better yet, undergone feed trials to ensure it’s brand you want to choose.

List of Ingredients: In the wild, cats are primarily carnivores, and healthy food choices reflect this. Look for high-profile ingredients that come from animal sources.
Research Manufacturers: The brand of your cat’s food can also be a factor in its nutritional values. Going online can unearth frequent complaints against the manufacturer, and reveal the staff. Look for licensed, veterinary nutritionists with a doctorate, on staff as the gold standard for manufacturers.

Getting ready to go shopping? Watch Dr. Bobby explain his recommendations for choosing healthy cat food below.


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