Do Cats Care About Their Owners?

Calico cat rubbing the legs of its owner and being pet

Though few studies have been done showing a link between behavior and affection in cats, most cat owners can attest that their pets frequently show they care in a variety of ways. Though they may not be as transparent as dogs in their behavior, if you know what to watch for, it becomes clear that cats find unique and personal ways to show their attachment to us.

Top ways your cat shows you love:

  • They display physical signs of relaxation and trust. For example, cats are more likely to sit in close proximity to people and objects they trust
  • They may expose and express their vulnerability. For example, cats may expose their belly to invite interaction when they feel relaxed and content. As an apex predator, voluntary exposure of the abdomen in such a venerable way is a significant sign of trust.
  • Though cats cannot speak, they do communicate with us. Purring is not only a sign of contentment in our felines, but studies have shown that it also decreases the blood pressure and stress levels of humans nearby. In this way your cat trying to relax you, a clear sign of affection.
  • Cats interact with their environment in very intricate ways. Rubbing of the face or body onto objects and people indicates ownership and relaxation in the feline world. Used as a method for marking territory, this behavior signals that they are attached to you and that you are trusted.
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