Fort Collins Dog Parks

Many behavior problems in dogs are due to the lack of physical contact and socializing with other dogs. When dogs stay indoors and have no activity in their life,  boredom, loneliness and obesity set in. Keep your dog happy, healthy and out of trouble through exercises and interaction with other canines at dog parks. Benefits of going to a dog park include:

  • Physical & Mental Exercise – Off-leash playing, investigating new smells, wrestling with other dogs and fetching toys are all done at a dog park. Some dogs are so drained mentally and physically after a day at the park, they crash for hours and hours.
  • Social Skills – Just like people, dogs enjoy spending time with their own kind. At dog parks, your dog practices being around other dogs, using communication skills and meeting new dogs. These types of experiences lower the development of fear and aggression toward other dogs and people.
  • Happy Owners – Dog are not the only ones who benefit from dog parks, dog parents enjoy the fresh air and seeing the happiness these parks bring their furry friends. Not to mention the bond that is created between dog and owner by practicing off-leash play and training skills.

Residents of Fort Collins are lucky to have a variety of dog parks. Below are some dog-friendly parks for your favorite tail-wagger to meet other four-legged friends.

Spring Canyon/Horsetooth Dog Park – 2626 W Horsetooth Rd

  • Water for dogs and owners
  • Grassy off-leash park with play structures
  • Separate area for small or shy dogs

Soft Gold Dog Park – 520 Hickory St

  • Small and friendly off-leash area
  • Grassy and shady places to run
  • No running water

Fossil Creek Dog Park – 5821 S Lemay Ave

  • Running water
  • Grassy and shaded field for off-leash play
  • Separate area for small and shy dogs

Twin Silo Dog Park – 5480 Ziegler Road

  • Separate area for small and shy dogs
  • Grassy and shady field for off-leash play
  • Running water


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