From Fur-Lough to Forever Home

We’re Giving Shelter Dogs a Break

His smile sums it up! Kennel Manager Jennae Miler takes a break with Owen, an adoptable dog on fur-lough from Larimer Humane Society.

Together with Larimer Humane Society, we proudly present the Aspen Grove Fur-lough Program. Through environmental enrichment, the Fur-lough program is designed to keep adoptable dogs happy and healthy. Dogs on fur-lough are transported from Larimer Humane Society to The Cabins at Aspen Grove to spend the day in Doggie Day Care playing outside with other dogs and receiving one-on-one love and attention.

Fur-lough is More than Just Fun

The benefits of socialization and play time for shelter pets are vast. The ultimate goal is that the time away from the shelter keeps the dogs healthier, happier and better behaved which in turn will help them get adopted into their forever homes. Doggie day care provides:

  • Socialization, exercise, and entertainment
  • Reduced separation anxiety
  • Reduced or eliminated undesirable and destructive behavior at home
  • A tolerant energy level when at home
  • Increased confidence in dogs so they are comfortable in different social settings such as street fairs or parties
  • Increased alertness and social awareness of other dogs
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Fun!

The idea for this fur-lough program came from our very own Kennel Manager, Jennae Miler. As a former shelter staff member at Larimer Humane Society, Miler is all too familiar with the immense need for this type of program.

“It was very common to see a high-energy, social dog stay in the shelter much longer than we wanted,” said Miler. “We knew these animals would make great family companions but they just weren’t showing their true personalities to potential adopters because they were overly stimulated and under-exercised.”

Michelle Cline, Evaluation & Enrichment Coordinator at Larimer Humane Society agrees. “We see many dogs start to get frustrated because of their lack of interactions with other dogs while at the shelter. We hope this program will help curb that frustration and lead to happier animals.”

Health & Personality Standards

Dogs in the Fur-lough Program:

  • Are fully vaccinated and parasite-free (fleas, ticks, round­worms, etc.)
  • Have undergone personality and behavioral assessments by the experienced and knowledgeable staff of both the Larimer Humane Society and Aspen Grove to ensure they are friendly, sociable, and adoptable
  • Have been spayed or neutered

Adopt a Fur-lough Dog!

Spread the word! You can adopt a Fur-lough dog right here at Aspen Grove. Anyone interested can swing by to meet, play with, and take home a dog on Fur-lough. Watch for our Fur-lough announcements on our Facebook page. Here’s a peek at our first fur-lough companion, Owen! He’s a 7-year-old Lab mix who had a blast with us today. View his profile and consider giving this handsome pup a forever home.

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