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Heartworm Test Declination

Informed Consent & Release

Heartworm preventatives do not kill the adult heartworms. This means an infected dog will remain infected with adult heartworms. Unfortunately, as long as a pet remains infected, heartworm disease will progress and damage your pets heart and lungs, which can lead to life threatening problems. Giving heartworm preventatives to heartworm-positive dogs can mislead an owner into thinking everything is all right, while within a pet, heartworm disease is worsening.

  • The parasite preventative that we recommend, Heartgard, only kills existing immature heartworms introduced to your dog over the past 30 days. It does not protect against worms introduced over 30 days prior to or after the Heartgard chew is consumed. Below is an illustration to better explain what can happen if you start a heartworm preventative without testing first.

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  • Informed Consent & Release