Holiday Decor Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Check out Aspen Grove Veterinary Care’s tips for cat owners and keep your cat safe from holiday decor this year! 

With all the excitement of the holidays, sometimes we can lose track of our cats only to find them chewing on the decor or playing with a favorite fragile ornament. Luckily, there are safety precautions you can take when decorating your home to protect your cat.

4 Holiday Tips for Cat Owners

Tree Protocol Tips

Most cats adore Christmas trees. Whether they enjoy sitting underneath them or chewing on them, it is common to find them around it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Secure the base of your tree and fix the tree to the ceiling or wall for more stability in case your cat jumps into it .
  • Don’t let your cat drink the water because it can contain pesticides, fertilizer or other chemicals.
  • Keep fragile ornaments and dangerous decorations out of reach when decorating your tree.

Be Sure to Secure Electrical Cords

To your cat, an extension cord might look like another string to play with – especially since they sparkle. If your cat tries to play with or chew on electrical cords, it could end up getting electrocuted, so it’s important that you secure loose cords safely.

Avoid Lighting Candles in Reach

If your cat jumps up on tables or the counter and gets too close to a candle, they can end up burning their tail, whiskers, or paws. They could also end up knocking over a candle and causing a fire in your home. If you are going to light candles, make sure they are out of reach.

Choose Non-Toxic Plants / Flowers

Flowers such as lilies and amaryllis are especially dangerous to cats while poinsettias tend to have only mildly toxic effects. It’s best to completely keep toxic plants and flowers out of your home. Choose non-toxic plants or use silk flowers instead.

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Tips for Cat Owners from Aspen Grove Veterinary Care

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