How Doggy Daycare Helps to Socialize Your Dog During Social Distancing

Believe it or not, your dog misses hanging out with friends as much as you miss hanging out with yours! We know that dogs who spend time interacting, exercising and playing with other dogs lead healthy and happy lives, so how do we make sure that we are giving our dogs what they need while social-distancing? Doggy Daycare remains open and available at Aspen Grove for your dog’s socialization needs and has many additional benefits during COVID-19.

It provides socialization, exercise and entertainment for your dog.

It’s likely that your dog hasn’t received nearly as much exercise or entertainment as it was when it was regularly going to the dog park. Doggy Daycare allows your dog to run, play and have fun with other dogs all day long.

It reduces separation anxiety – theirs and yours!

Your dog has grown used to seeing you around the house a lot in the last few months, so they might start to become lonely when you do start to leave the house more often again. By sending your dog to Doggy Daycare, it helps them (and you) to get used to not being by your side every second of the day which will be extremely helpful once you finally do have to go back to work.

It helps eliminate undesirable and destructive behavior at home.

Your dog might become upset once you start to leave them alone in the house again. By allowing them a time and place to let out their energy now, they are less likely to act out at home when you’re away.

It helps your dog stay mentally alert and socially aware of other dogs.

Playing and exercising with other dogs will help your dog stay alert and aware of other dogs at all times. If they aren’t used to having other dogs around, they might be caught off guard when they do start to see more dogs again. This is important for the safety and well-being of your dog and other owners’ dog.

It helps build their immune system.

Group play and socialization has many benefits for the life and health of your dog. However, when letting your dog play with other dogs minor illness can happen.

We have Doggy Daycare availability now, but spots fill up quickly! Call 970.416.0232 today to ask us any questions you have and/or schedule!

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