How to Clean A Dog’s Ears

Cleaning a dog’s ears is an essential part of a proper grooming and health routine. By getting regularly cleaned, ear infections are less likely to develop. Dr. Bobby Cawthron, the Lead Veterinarian at Aspen Grove, talks us through how to clean a dog’s ears by including recommended products and techniques in this video.

Choosing a Cleaner

The best thing to do when it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears is to use a commercially available dog cleaner. We highly recommend a product called Vet One Aurocin Plus. This cleaner and those similar to it are made to be extremely gentle on your dog’s eardrums and ear canals.

Applying a Cleaner

Pour the cleaner into the ear canal and completely flood it if your dog can tolerate it. This will work on breaking down some of the debris that is living in the canal edges and break it down into the solution.

Removing Cleaner

Take a dry cotton ball and wipe the accessible areas of the ears that you can see. It is okay if your dog shakes its head because this will help get out some of the access fluid and debris that you couldn’t get to.

If you notice extreme redness or debris, contact your veterinarian because those are the symptoms of an ear infection.

A little bit of cleaning during regular bath times will ensure the health and safety of your dog’s ears. If you have any questions or concerns when you do this, please feel free to contact us!

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