How to safely help an injured or trapped dog


If a dog is injured or trapped, even the nicest dog in the world can bite you. Your instinct will be to rush up on the dog and try to help; pull out a trapped paw, or stop a laceration from bleeding. Resist this instinct and do not rush up on the dog.

  1. Control the environment. Quickly remove other dogs, kids, bystanders, or other “stressors.”
  2. Secure the dog’s head. Before touching ANY part of the dog’s injury or trapped paw, secure their head. If you have a muzzle, put it on. Wrap them up in a t-shirt or blanket. Place an inanimate object between yourself and their head (back pack, cot, chair). This will prevent them from reaching around and biting you.
  3. Free the trapped paw, or start first aid.
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