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Pet Blood Donor Registry

Just like in human medicine, there are medical circumstances when blood is required to save a life. Unlike human medicine however, blood products are not readily available for dogs and cats when they’re needed. When your pet needs blood, minutes count! That is why for the safety of our patients, we maintain an in-house blood donor registry of pre-qualified, local dog and cat blood donors.

You can help the doctors and medical team at Aspen Grove save lives. Schedule your free appointment and register your pet to be a blood donor today!


For the safety and health of donors, your pet must meet the following qualifications to be considered:


  • Current on Rabies and Distemper/Parvo Vaccines
  • Current on Annual Physical Exam
  • Between the ages of 2 to 8 years old
  • Weigh at least 70 pounds
  • Free of any chronic medical conditions


  • Current Rabies & Feline Distemper/Upper Respiratory Vaccines
  • Current on Annual Physical Exam
  • Stays indoors only
  • Between 3 and 10 years old
  • Weight at least 12 pounds
  • Free of any chronic, medical condition

Important facts

  1. Once your pet is screened and blood typed, we will provide you with an ID card. If your pet donates blood at another facility, other than Aspen Grove, make sure you fill out the dates of donation on your ID card.
  2. Your pet should not donate blood more often than every 6 weeks.
  3. We recommend iron supplements if your pet donates blood more than 3 times a year. Before starting iron supplements however, please discuss the benefits and risks with one of our doctors.

My Pet is a Blood Donor, Now What?

  1. Carry your pet’s Blood Donor ID card with you at all times. Once your pet is an approved donor, we will provide you with your ID card.
  2. When we need blood to save another patient’s life, we will call you at the contact number you provided on your intake form. If you are unavailable, we will continue calling other donors on our list.
  3. If you are available, bring your pet to Aspen Grove as soon as possible. Every second counts when a patient needs blood!
  4. At the time of donation, your cat will receive, at no charge to you, a Feline Leukemia and AIDS test. Both must be negative to proceed. Dogs will receive, at no charge to you, a heartworm test and other infectious diseases will be checked as well. All must be negative to proceed.
  5. During donation, if your pet exhibits signs of stress, we will sedate them. We want to do everything we can to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing for your pet as possible.

Owner benefits

As a thank you for your time, after your pet donates, you will be given a $50 credit at Aspen Grove Vet Care. This credit can be used for:

  • Professional Veterinary Services
  • Food (Science Diet Prescription or ProPlan Over the Counter)
  • Retail items

After care

After your pet donates blood, please make sure he or she gets plenty of water, food, rest…and love! Please notify us immediately if they will not eat or drink, or are lethargic for more than one (1) day following the donation.