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Anesthesia & Surgery Safety

Although anesthesia has inherent risks, today’s modern anesthetic protocols are extremely safe for your pet. At Aspen Grove Vet Care, we use many of the same anesthetic drugs and gases that are used in human medicine.

Pre-Surgical Screening

To help further decrease risk, we recommend a pre-surgical screen for all pets, regardless of age. This is especially important for senior pets that have a higher risk of having some type of organ dysfunction.


Here at Aspen Grove Vet, we continually monitor all patients while under anesthesia. A dedicated Surgical Technician assists the doctor at all times and monitors the patient’s blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiratory functions, and the electrical activity of the heart.


Based upon the individual need of the patient, IV fluid therapy, blood products and heat support are all readily available.


Patients continue to be monitored and supported by a dedicated veterinary technician through the entire recovery process until the patient is fully alert and awake.

Pain Management: Before, During & After

Proper pain control from beginning to end of any anesthetic procedure is crucial for a fully successful outcome. Here at Aspen Grove Vet Care, we use a multimodal approach to pain management, which can include injectable and oral medications, local and regional nerve blocks (anesthetics), and Laser Therapy.

In-House, Blood Donor Registry

Just like in human medicine, there are medical circumstances when blood is required to save a life. Unlike human medicine however, blood products are not readily available for dogs and cats when they’re needed. For the safety of our patients, we maintain an in-house blood donor registry for both cats and dogs.