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Laser Declaw for Cats

Offering a Fort Collins laser declaw service for your cat, we at Aspen Grove understand that your cat is an important part of your life and a member of your family. We strive to make sure you know what you need to in order to make the right decision for your cat and your lifestyle.


Like any other procedure, declawing your cat is a serious decision. At your cat laser declaw consultation, we will educate you and help you make the right choice for both you and your cat. This includes discussing the procedure itself, how to care for your cat as they heal, and alternatives to declawing.


During the declaw procedure, cats have a portion of the front part of the toe and claw removed from their paws. Like other procedures we perform, our Fort Collins cat declaw uses our high-quality surgical laser. Unlike the more traditional methods, this allows for less pain and swelling after surgery, as well as, decreasing the chance for infection.



The best alternative to declawing your cat is training. Here at Aspen Grove, our expert staff will walk you through the process of training your cat and teaching them to only scratch in designated areas such as scratching posts.

Nail Caps

These glue-on caps go over the nail to create a temporary barrier and dull your cat’s claws. The nail outgrows the cap after a period of time, or the cap can pop off the nail. Nail caps only provide a temporary solution. However, the caps are a great tool to use while training your cat.