Pets and COVID-19 | What You Need To Know

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We’ve had many people come to us with questions regarding Covid-19 and the safety of themselves and their pets. Although it is possible for a pet to get the virus from humans, it is highly unlikely and poses a relatively low risk. Our top priority at Aspen Grove Veterinary Hospital is to keep you and your pets safe. To help clear up some of your questions, below are the top three most commonly asked questions regarding Covid-19 and pets.

3 commonly asked questions about pets and Covid-19:


Can my pet give me Covid-19?

We know through years of experience that bacteria and fungi can be found on our pet’s fur and skin and can transfer to people. However, although it does cause some worry, this is not a huge problem and is not commonly seen in the hospital. With viruses, including Covid-19, we still feel very confident animals cannot transfer a virus to people.


Can people give Covid-19 to their pets?

The answer is yes, it is possible but very uncommon. We have seen some pets test positive for Covid-19 and on rare occasions, have mild symptoms, but this is not a large cause of worry of ours. If this is a concern of yours, we have tests available for your pet.


Should I socially distance my pet?

Socially distancing your pets is only recommended for those who are considered high-risk for Covid-19. If you are considered to have an increased- risk for Covid-19 or have an underlying condition, avoid taking your pets to public places like pet stores, dog parks, and daycare. However, for a generally healthy individual, it is safe for you to continue your normal activities with your pets and not expect to have a lot of problems.


In conclusion, although Covid-19 can pass from people to animals, it is very uncommon and does not raise a big concern. We suggest you continue your lifestyle with your pets if you are generally healthy and take precautions if you are considered high-risk for Covid-19. If there is ever a concern, we offer Covid-19 tests for your pet at our hospital.


Aspen Grove Veterinary Care Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, CO provides state-of-the-art medical diagnostics and surgical treatments without the price tag of referral institutions. Our highest priority is ensuring the safety of your pet. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, we are happy to help. Contact Us.

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