Safety is Our Priority

Our kennel team is trained to identify the triggers for a dog’s undesirable behavior so that fights and unsafe energy levels can be avoided. Correction for undesirable behaviors includes separation and time-outs from play. To make our play yards as safe as possible we employ constant supervision, human interaction, and continual temperament assessments. Dogs with multiple offenses or dogs who fail to train may be expelled.

Professional, Trained, and Experienced Kennel Team 

Prior to supervising a play group, each kennel team member completes a tailored training program specially designed for our group play set up. Our kennel team also completes continuing education in dog behavior, reading body language, and managing a pack.

Behavior/Personality Assessments at Our Finger Tips

We are the only boarding and day care facility in Colorado who uses a specially designed mobile application to continually track each dog’s behavior and personality. With iPads they carry with them, our kennel team has all of the information they need to know about your dog’s behavior, other dogs they enjoy playing with, other dogs they don’t get along with, any special needs, triggers for undesirable behavior and much more right at their finger tips.

How do we know we are the only facility to use this state-of-the-art technology? Because we designed it. We built it.

Scheduled Environmental Safety Checks

Our Kennel Team has scheduled environmental safety checks when they inspect the yards, without distraction, to ensure there is nothing unsafe in the yards, on the fences, or in the kennels.

Play Time Rules

Controlling the following behaviors during group play will keep dogs at a reasonable energy level and minimize risk for injury.

  1. Minimal barking allowed
  2. No sprinting from one end of yard to the other
  3. No jumping on humans
  4. No gangs (multiple dogs harassing one dog)
  5. No barging through doorways
  6. Time out for unsafe/undesirable behaviors