Doggie Day Care Prices & Packages


  • $20 daily
  • 10 Day Package: $180
  • 20 Day Package: $360



Even with our stringent safety policies and procedures, dog injuries do occur from time to time. Dogs use their teeth like we use our hands; they use their mouths to grab each other, steal objects, and play with one another. Nicks, scrapes and the occasional puncture wound will happen. Additionally, just like humans spread germs, so do dogs.

For an additional $5 daily, medical treatment for common injuries sustained from group play and treatment for the following illnesses: Kennel Cough, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), and Papilloma Virus (warts) is included in your daily rate.

  • $25 daily
  • 10 Day Package: $225
  • 20 Day Package: $450