The Importance of Pet Insurance

Recently, we had a tough case come in that brought up the ever important topic of pet insurance or at least having a plan of action to pay for pet emergencies if and when pet emergencies occur.

A dog came in to the clinic last week with a severely broken paw. Toby is a little, young dog with a lot of energy and he jumped out of his owner’s arms and broke his paw. The owner was faced with 3 options: 

1. Fix the broken leg (roughly $2500)

2. Amputate the leg (roughly $1200)

3. Euthanize


There are a few organizations that can help pet owners with situations like this; however, assistance is only possible if the organization has money to donate at the time. The donation is usually around $500 but unfortunately, the organization did not have the funds last week. There is also a clinic in Denver that offers low cost care, however, the pet owner must qualify for it (being a recipient of food stamps is one of their qualifications). Of course, we all do our best to avoid these types of situations but accidents do happen. 

Before adopting a pet, potential owners need to understand that pets require annual care such as parasite preventatives and vaccines, which can add up to roughly $150 per year.  Additionally, accidents are bound to happen and pets get sick, which is not something anyone can truly plan for.

To help lessen the stress of a pet emergency for both you and your pet, please have a plan in place to care for your furry family member in case of an emergency! We highly recommend an illness and accident pet insurance policy. There are lots of companies out there who offer them such as Trupanion, VPI, and PetPlan.

Please feel free to give us a call or stop by if you have any questions regarding pet insurance or emergency plans. Remember, the best time to create a plan of action is BEFORE anything happens!

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