Understanding TPLO

What is a TPLO? TPLO, or tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy, is a surgery performed on dogs to stabilize their torn cranial cruciate ligament, also known as an ACL.


Once the surgery is over, your dog will need to heal and repair. As an owner, you want to make sure your home is prepared for your post-operative dog.

  • If you are kenneling your dog after the surgery, get your dog familiar with his/her new place well before surgery.
  • Cover all windows. Dogs love to see the exciting outdoor life, but during this time rest and recovery is most important.
  • Have different types of food on hand in case your dog will not eat regular food. Examples: chicken stock, rice, boiled meat and pumpkin.
  • If you have non-carpet floors, cover every inch with non-skit carpet to ensure no slipping or falling.
  • Use gates and barricade to block staircases.

TPLO Recovery 

Following TPLO surgery, the first 12 weeks are an important and critical time of recovery and rehabilitation. To develop and resume your dog’s full use of the affected limb, you must have your dog undergo physical therapy with certain activities and exercises.

After the surgery, every time the dogs goes to stand or put weight on the leg, the femur slides/rubs on the back of the tibia. This rubbing causes pain and inflammation, which is very uncomfortable. Most dogs will not put any weight on the leg, or if they do, lightly touches the leg to the ground.


If you suspect your pet has a cruciate injury or ACL tear, the first step is to schedule an exam with one of our experienced veterinarians. Through gentle palpation, we should be able to determine if the cruciate ligament is intact through detection of something called the “cranial drawer sign.” Other diagnostic testing, such as radiographs, will likely also be recommended to fully diagnose your pet’s condition.

To schedule an exam, please call (970) 416-0232, or simply submit your information below.

Think your pet might have an ACL tear?

TPLO Dog Knee Surgery Package

At Aspen Grove Veterinary Care, we offer a comprehensive, all-inclusive dog TPLO surgery package that includes a recovery plan with physical therapy. Please call (970) 416-0232 for details.

Cost of TPLO Surgery for Dogs

A TPLO surgery for your dog is an investment for both you and beloved pet. At Aspen Grove, our goal is ensure all pet owners understand both the time and financial commitment involved.  Exact estimates vary depending on both your dog’s weight and the severity of the injury. Please call (970) 416-0232 to discuss your case and receive an estimate.

Payment Options

Our 6-month, interest free payment plan options are provided by Care Credit and ScratchPay.

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