We’re always looking to provide the best treatment available – and our veterinarians don’t shy away from innovative, high-tech treatments. We’re proud to announce that one of our patients, Daisy a 2-year-old shepherd mix, is regaining mobility with an innovative 3D-printed dog prosthetic leg.

Daisy was rescued as a stray with a badly injured front leg. She arrived at the Boulder Humane Society from southern Colorado, and her injuries ultimately forced staff to amputate her front right leg. When she was adopted by the Hazlehurst family in Fort Collins, we decided to give Daisy time to adjust to her disability and evaluate her condition later.

She was a trooper and did her best to take to walking on three legs. Despite her best efforts, she was fighting against her anatomy, and her three-legged gait was causing tenderness in her neck and back. After a long discussion of her options, the Hazlehursts chose to create a prosthetic leg.

To provide Daisy with the best dog prosthetic leg available, we worked closely with OrthoPets, a Denver company that specializes in creating custom 3D printed prosthetics and braces for animals. In order to achieve the most natural fit, we took photos and radiographs of her amputated and normal limb, and painstakingly took a series of precise anatomical measurements.

From our measurements and information, OrthoPets created a custom prosthetic that perfectly fits and aligns with Daisy’s natural anatomy. For the best fit possible, we took a mold of Daisy’s stump and shipped it to OrthoPets, which used 3D scanning technology, digitizing it for a CAD-designed socket. This socket will be printed using the latest 3D printing technology, giving Daisy the most precise, natural fit for her prosthesis available.

It was a long process, but the Hazelhurst family wanted to provide Daisy with the best replacement limb possible. In this era of technology, the best dog prosthetic legs are being created with digital technology. We’re happy to have Daisy walking on four legs again!

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