How to Introduce Babies to Dogs

Preparing for the arrival of your new baby should include a plan for carefully introducing the baby to your dog(s). You will want to start to do this before the baby has already arrived. The first step is getting the dog adjusted to the baby’s surroundings: crib, clothing, toys and anything else included in the nursery. It is important that your dog is adjusted to the new smells and noises.

Once the baby comes home, it is important to plan a controlled introduction when the baby is calm. It is best for both the dog and the baby is neither of them is fussy because that causes too much overwhelming stimulation for the first interaction.

As the baby grows up into a toddler, there will be new interactions that need to take place considering their awareness of the dog changes. They will need to know how to handle having pets in the house. Dogs have normal, natural behavior. They like to fetch, chase and catch. Of course, this might interfere with some playtime that kids are having. You want to make sure that they understand these natural behaviors, and how to handle having to share a little bit of the attention.

In order to make your household as harmonious as possible through the stages of your baby’s life, you will want to make sure to follow these steps.

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