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Welcome to Aspen Grove Veterinary Care

Here at Aspen Grove’s Fort Collins animal hospital, we believe in communication, compassion, and integrity. We understand that breed, genetics, lifestyle, and budget are all factors in choosing a plan of care. We promise that no matter how extensive a treatment plan you choose, you can always count on the team at Aspen Grove to respect your decisions and care for your pet as much as you do.

From Fur-Lough to Forever Home

We’re Giving Shelter Dogs a Break Together with Larimer Humane Society, we proudly present the Aspen Grove Fur-lough Program. Through environmental enrichment, the Fur-lough program is designed to keep adoptable dogs happy and healthy. Dogs on fur-lough are transported from Larimer Humane Society to The Cabins at Aspen Grove to spend the day in Doggie Day Care playing outside with other dogs and receiving one-on-one love and attention. Fur-lough is More than Just Fun The benefits of socialization and play time for shelter pets are vast. The ultimate goal is that the time away from the shelter keeps the dogs healthier, happier […]

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