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About Us

Full-Service Medical and Surgical Animal Hospital

Aspen Grove Veterinary Care Animal Hospital provides state-of the-art medical diagnostics and surgical treatments without the price tag of referral institutions.

As technology continues to advance, the demand for better facilities and more extensive treatments for our pets is becoming more common place. At Aspen Grove animal hospital, our patients benefit from and are treated by experienced and expert general practitioners, as well as board certified surgical and diagnostic specialists.

With services ranging from comprehensive orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries to advanced diagnostic imaging and preventative medicine to oncology and senior care, Aspen Grove provides the continuum of care for you and your pet, no matter what life throws your way.

Our highest priority is ensuring the safety of your pet. We accomplish this by practicing the highest quality of medicine possible.

Save your time off for vacation…not the vet!

You don’t need to leave early or take time off work to pick up pet food, prescriptions, or see the doctor. Our office hours are convenient for everyone’s schedule. The first question everyone asks is “how much extra is it to bring my pet in at 8pm for vaccinations?” The answer: there is NO EXTRA charge for routine appointments during evening hours!

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