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Urgent Pet Care

Find treatment fast.

Leading-Edge Technology, Quality Care, Convenient Location, Friendly Doctors and Staff

Aspen Grove Pet Urgent Care is conveniently located to provide your pet with emergent and urgent medical care. Our Fort Collins emergency vet hospital is equipped with advanced technology such as laser surgery, ultrasound, EKG, x-ray, dental x-ray, and an in-house laboratory and pharmacy. The experienced and skilled urgent pet care staff is trained to triage and provide critical, medical, and surgical care for your sick and injured pets when your primary care veterinarian is unavailable.

Fort Collins Emergency Vet Care
816 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
P: (970) 484-8080

Medical emergencies can occur suddenly and without warning. In times of a life-threatening accident, or an urgent medical condition it is important for pet owners to have a basic understanding of common veterinary medical emergencies and basic first aid for their pet. At our Fort Collins emergency vet hospital, we are experienced urgent pet care providers and are ready to assist with all of your pet’s needs.

$City Emergency Vet Pet Emergency

What To Do In A Pet Emergency

Be prepared for any pet emergency

Urgent Pet Care: What To Expect

What to expect when you visit us in an emergency.

Common Canine Emergency Visits

Routine emergencies to look out for in dogs.

Common Feline Emergency Visits

Conditions we often see cats for in an emergency.

For immediate assistance, call us at (970) 416-0232.