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Billing & Payment Policy

Our goal is to serve you and your pet in every way possible. This includes ensuring your medical team provides the level of care that fits within your budget. It’s important that your financial commitment and responsibilities are made clear before treatment begins.

Full payment of your preliminary bill is required at the time services are rendered.

Preliminary & Final Billing

Our medical team is 100% dedicated to patient care. Occasionally, they get pulled away from record keeping to tend to immediate patient needs, which means all treatments and services may not be entered into the patient record at the time a client checks out after a visit.

While we do our best to ensure comprehensive billing when you check out, your account is not considered closed until an audit of the appointment or procedure has been completed. Similar to human hospitals, our medical and boarding records are routinely audited to ensure accurate billing for treatments and services rendered. Also similar to human hospitals, a final bill may be mailed reflecting audited charges. Owners have 30 days after receiving a final bill to pay their account in full. Owners are responsible for paying for all legal and professional fees associated with collection.

Urgent Care

In the case of an emergency, your pet will be stabilized before your medical options are presented.


We offer a wide range of services, equipment and medicine in order to give your pet the best care possible. Our goal is to discuss all medical options with you and help you decide on a course of action for diagnostics and treatment. We are happy to provide written estimates at your request; simply ask your doctor, or any member of your medical team. Estimates and treatment plans may change during the course of treatment based on decisions you and your doctor make. If you are on a budget, it is your responsibility to let your doctor know as soon as possible so that we can customize a treatment plan for you.

Accepted forms of payment

For your convenience, we accept: Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express


Late Cancellation and No Show Fees

To avoid fees, please arrive for your appointments on time and provide requested notice for cancellations. Late cancellation and no-show fees are required because we reserve time on the doctor’s schedule and provide skilled support staff just for you. Fees may added to your account and an invoice mailed to you. Failure to pay no-show and late cancellation fees may result in your account being sent to collections.

We require a 3 day notice for surgical or dental cancellations and a 24-hour notice for appointment cancellations. Please plan ahead when scheduling appointments; late cancellation and no show fees apply in all situations.

No Show & Late Cancellation Fees

  • Appointment – $52
  • Surgical/dental – $200
  • Specialist – Fees vary


Each specialist we use may have their own no show and late cancellation fees that may be charged in addition to Aspen Grove fees. We respectfully request that you be fully committed to the treatment plan before we schedule a specialist for you. At your request, we will be happy to find out what their no show or late cancellation fees may be before the appointment.


A 5 day notice is required for a boarding cancellation. 50% of scheduled reservation will be due for late cancellation and 100% of scheduled reservation for boarding no show.

Boarding Holiday Cancellation Policy (Thanksgiving and Christmas)

We require a 10 day cancellation notice for all reservations in November – December (the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season). Cancellations without proper notification will be charged 50% of the boarding reservation. No shows will be charged 100% of the reservation.

Payment Plans



CareCredit is a personal line of credit for healthcare, both human and veterinary, that works like a credit card. Our 6-month, interest free payment plan option is provided by Care Credit. To apply, click here for the CareCredit Online Credit Application or call their 24/7 phone number at 1-800-365-8295.


ScratchPay offers financing options ranging from $200 - $10,000. Visit or text PAY to 213-296-0817 to apply.

Client/Patient Bill of Rights

As a client of Aspen Grove Veterinary Care, you have the right to:

  • Participate in customizing your pet’s medical treatment plan.
  • Be treated with courtesy and respect by all members of your pet care team, regardless of what your pet-care budget may be.
  • Expect us to respect your time, feelings, preferences and wishes regarding the care of your pet.
  • Ask questions until you fully understand the medical needs of your pet.
  • Expect high-quality medicine.
  • Expect our facility to be clean, safe, and comfortable.
  • Expect us to handle your pet gently and treat them with kindness at all times.
  • Request an itemized estimate.


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