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Puppy Day Care

We'll help you socialize your new puppy.

Here at Aspen Grove, we LOVE puppies! There are risks and benefits, however, to puppy boarding and day care. It’s important that you are fully informed when making the decision to socialize your puppy.

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Puppy Boarding & Day Care Policy

Minimum Age: 12 weeks

Required Vaccines / Preventative Care

Proof that vaccines were administered by a licensed veterinarian is required. If we do not have record of 3 dewormers, we will administer one on their first day your puppy is with us.

  • 8 weeks
    • Dewormer
    • Distemper/Parvo vaccine
    • Kennel Cough vaccine
  • 10 weeks
    • Dewormer
  • 12 weeks
    • Dewormer
    • Distemper/Parvo booster
    • Kennel Cough booster

BENEFITS of socialization for puppies younger than 16 weeks

  • Helps build their immune system
  • Top behaviorists in the field agree that socializing at this age is imperative for the development of a well-adjusted dog
  • Decreases undesirable behaviors due to separation anxiety
  • Helps with teething behaviors and bite inhibition before and during the teething process
  • Exerts energy so less bad habits develop at home
  • Encourages fearful and submissive puppies to gain confidence with increased stimulation, noises, and faster movement made by other puppies

RISKS of socialization for puppies younger than 16 weeks

  • Their immune system is not fully developed and they have not completed their puppy vaccine series, which means they have a higher risk of getting sick (kennel cough, parvo, distempter). In addition, symptoms of illness can be stronger and/or worse (i.e. may get dehydrated quicker, may need supportive care quicker than an adult dog)
  • They have not had their rabies vaccine
  • Smaller breed dogs and puppies are at an increased risk of injury while playing

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