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Kitty Boarding

Explore our comfortable kitty condos.

Cat Boarding at The Cabins of Aspen Grove in Fort Collins is the perfect way to make your cat’s stay-cation as relaxing and stress free as possible! To ensure the comfort of your cat or kitten, we have a  Cat’s Only boarding room separated from the hustle and bustle of our canine guests.

Each of our Kitty Cabins has 3 rooms for your cat to enjoy and crawl around in including separate rooms for sleeping and their litter box, a scratching carpet, and plenty of toys!

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Play Enclosures

Our overnight feline guests enjoy plenty of play time in one of our 7-story play enclosures complete with laser pointers and plenty enrichment toys.

Cat Boarding Daily Rate

  • $34.50 daily

Benefits of Cat Boarding

  • A lot can happen in 24 hours, so it pays to keep your cat or kitten in a safe, relaxed, professional environment while you are away for short or extended periods of time.
  • Aspen Grove Veterinary Care provides veterinary pet boarding and our trained, experienced veterinarians are on-site in case of emergencies or just to ensure the safety and health of your cat or kitten.
  • If your cat is used to everyday human interaction and attention, it is important to have a caring professional there to provide interaction and companionship when you’re away so that your cat doesn’t become lonely.
  • The experienced staff at Aspen Grove Veterinary Care can administer medication, watch for signs of discomfort and ensure that your cat or kitten is safe and healthy for you when you return!

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Kitty Boarding Cat Boarding

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