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Cat Care

We make caring for your cat easy and fear free!

Cats require special care and attention. Our goal is to help you make your cat’s life a happy and healthy one!

Cats Only! Fear Free Cat Care at Aspen Grove

From your cat’s first vet visit all the way to senior care, our compassionate staff will be here for your family. Whether you’re in need of annual shots or more extensive treatment such as orthopedic surgery or veterinary oncology, our animal hospital provides a continuum of care that covers whatever life throws your way.

Give us a call at (970) 416-0232 or fill out the contact form below and let us develop a cat care treatment plan for your four-legged family members.

Alleviate the stress of going to the vet

Providing good health care, especially preventative health care, can allow your cat to have longer, more comfortable lives. However, this cannot happen without regular visits to the veterinarian for routine checkups or sick visits. Many cats…and cat owners… dislike going to the vet, and it all starts with the difficulty of getting your cat into a carrier. Reducing the stress of this step can help reduce the stress level of the entire trip and visit to the vet.

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