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Is My Dog a Senior Citizen?


Welcome to your dog’s golden years

The years you have ahead of you may be the closest that you and your dog will experience. For our more “mature” loved ones, it is important to be educated so that you both can live happier, healthier lives. A general rule of thumb for dogs to be considered a senior is 8 years of age.

What is your dogs ‘real’ age?



Weight, nutrition, pain, and organ diseases are our main concerns when caring for senior pets. Controlling your pet’s weight and pain, and detecting organ disease early will help ensure a comfortable, happy quality of life for your pet.

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Care Recommendations for Your Senior Dog

Bi-Annual Basic Senior Wellness & Consultation

The health of a senior dog can change a lot during 6 months. Diseases can develop and spread a lot quicker in a mature dog. We recommend an exam and consultation every six months.

Annual Blood and Urine Test

Annual blood and urine tests for early detection of chronic diseases such as kidney disease, thyroid disease and diabetes is the key to successful treatment and quality of life.

Track Weight

Weigh your dog on the same scale and record the results at least every two months. Changes in weight can be an early indicator of disease.

At-A-Glance: Senior Pet Care