Why Does My Dog Eat Grass and Dirt?

Is your dog eating dirt or grass? Dogs aren’t picky eaters, and most dog owners recognize that. Even when owners know about their poochs’ questionable eating habits, we get a lot of questions about why they’ll munch on those things – even when there’s healthy food nearby.

Usually, they’re not suffering from a nutritional deficiency – as Aspen Grove Veterinary Care’s Dr. Bobby Crawthron talks about why some of the reasons dogs chomp on, which may include:

  • They just want something to chew on. When grass is covered in dew, it can seem like a crisp early-morning treat for a dog.
  • They’re doing it to try to settle their stomach: Presence of grass in vomit doesn’t mean it’s causing a dog’s upset stomach.
  • When playing in the dirt, many dogs get it in their mouth, and end up chewing and swallowing some of it.

In most cases, it’s not a huge deal, and is just part of a dog’s life. If there’s a large amount of vomit or gas or other gastrointestinal symptoms, seek the advice of your veterinarian. Learn all about it in Dr. Crawthron’s video.

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