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Fear Free Visits for Cats

“Cure Sometimes. Treat Often. Comfort Always.”

Here at Aspen Grove, we focus on both the emotional and physical well-being of our patients. By following these simple steps before your appointment you, too, can help make your cat’s vet visit as fear and stress free as possible.

Don’t forget to bring quiet games and snacks to entertain any children accompanying you to the appointment.

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1-2 days prior to your appointment

Set your cat carrier out at least 24-hours before your appointment. Place treats (or cat nip) into it periodically to encourage your cat to explore.

30 minutes before you leave

  • Wipe the inside of the carrier with a synthetic cat pheromones (i.e. Feliway)
  • Place a few treats or toys inside the carrier for your cat enjoy during the car ride
  • Put a towel in your car to put over the carrier in case your cat is anxious during the car ride

Appointment Time

Keeping your cat in a carrier during transport will help him feel safe. Leave your cat in the carrier when you bring him into the hospital. Upon arrival, do not place the carrier on the floor; instead place on the counter top or on a chair. Cats prefer to see from above.

Play soothing music during the car ride here. We recommend the CD titled “Through a Cat’s Ear”

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