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Meet The Grovers

Medical Team


  • Bobby Cawthron, DVM photo

    Bobby Cawthron, DVM

    Lead Veterinarian

    Novice guitar player, avid animal lover, enjoys books and spicy foods, attended a “princess tea party” hosted by his daughter.

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Texas A & M University
    Bachelor’s of Veterinary Science: Texas A & M University (Magna Cum Laude)

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  • Julia Donnelly, DVM photo

    Julia Donnelly, DVM

    Lead Associate Veterinarian

    Avid animal lover and conservationist, published author, professional drummer in a swing band, lover of yoga, grew up riding horses in the desert, started college at 15 years old.

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Colorado State University
    Master’s of Biomedical Sciences: Colorado State University
    Certified Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians: CVMA

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  • Lisa Kaminski, DVM photo

    Lisa Kaminski, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian

    Aspiring specialist in ultrasonography, seasoned world traveler, enjoys shopping and a good movie with family, has played an extra in several major movies.

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Colorado State University
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  • Allison Brekke, DVM photo

    Allison Brekke, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian

    Photo and bio coming soon!

Leadership Team

  • Jaime photo


    Hospital Director

    Champion snow ski racer, wine connoisseur, horse enthusiast, wild for football movies and good Mexican food, is a closet Barry Manilow fan.

  • Abby photo


    Head Veterinary Nurse

    Aspiring large animal vet, shoe collector extraordinaire, experienced cattle exhibitor, lover of all things winter from hoodies to hot chocolate.

  • Christa photo


    Client Services Manager

    Aspiring world traveler, successful wild life rehabilitator, crazy for Mexican food and a good musical, dreams of one day owning her own vet hospital, has summited two 14ers…only 56 more to go!

  • Jennae photo


    The Cabins-Kennel Manager

    Devoted animal lover and rescuer, DIY champ, novice home brewer, loves all things rainbow, hopes to someday learn Sign Language.

Veterinary Nursing Team

  • Ana photo


    Veterinary Nurse, CVT

    Professional dog trainer and behaviorist, well-traveled art aficionado, aspiring landscape designer, describers herself as a foodie and a mediocre cook, passes the time with a good book or a good garden.

  • Michaela photo


    Veterinary Nurse

    Novice painter, aspiring rock climber, incessant student, former humpback whale research assistant, her life’s goal is to work with an many animals as possible.

  • Megan photo


    Veterinary Nurse

    Aspiring veterinarian, international rugby athlete and competitive sailor, crazy for ice cream and football, enjoys quiet days at home with her dog Avery.

  • Katie photo


    Veterinary Nurse Assistant

    Aspiring veterinarian, novice banjo player, crazy for Mexican food and dark chocolate, experienced shark rescuer, loves to snowboard but is really bad at it.

  • Kerri photo


    Veterinary Nurse, CVT

    Photo and bio coming soon!

  • Mina photo


    Veterinary Nurse Assistant

    Photo and bio coming soon!

Client Support Team

  • Brittany photo


    Client Care Coordinator

    Crazy for fall and football, aspires to ‘eat her way’ across Europe, admires her mom more than anyone in the world, married her high school sweetheart.

  • Payton photo


    Client Care Coordinator

    Rises with the sun to relax with a cup of coffee, die-hard volleyball fan (and player!), aspires to dive with great white sharks and save the coral, was once a zookeeper for the day and got to feed the bears.

  • Lindsay photo


    Client Care Coordinator

    Novice home brewer, admired rescuer of goldfish and frogs, keepsake hoarder, crazy for bonfires and karaoke, spends her weekends going on adventures and trying new things.

The Cabins- Kennel Team

  • Alexis photo


    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Die-hard hockey fan (go Blackhawks!), skilled soccer player, video game junkie, proudly proclaims ‘as long as I’m working with animals I’m in the right career.’

  • Brittani photo


    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Proud Army Veteran, aspiring dog trainer and world traveler, avid outdoorsman, would eat nothing but sushi for the rest of her life if she could.

  • Blanca photo


    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Photo and bio coming soon!

  • Chandler photo


    The Cabins - Kennel Assistant

    Photo and bio coming soon!


Facilities Maintenance

  • Brian photo


    Facilities Maintenance Coordinator

    Aspiring writer, professional farmer, Karate teacher and 3rd degree black belt, in his spare time enjoys hanging out with his family eating pizza and watching basketball.

  • Dustin photo


    Custodial Services

    Die-hard Yankees fan, enjoys a good burger and good game, makes time to read magazines and newspapers, there is no one in the world he admires more than his Grandma Mona.