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Overnight Boarding Prices

Our boarding charges are set up like a hotel and are based on the following:*

  • You are charged for the day you drop off your pet(s).
  • Pets picked up before noon (12:00 pm) are not charged for the day they leave.
  • Pets picked up after noon (12:00 pm) are charged for the full day.

*For example, if you drop your pet off on Saturday morning and pick them up on Sunday at 5:00 pm, you will be charged for two days. Further, if you drop off on Saturday morning and pick up at 9:00 am on Monday morning, you will still only be charged for two days.

Included in our boarding prices:

For one flat, affordable rate your pet will have access to all of our amenities and enjoy group play in Doggie Day Care.

  • Three large outdoor play yards that are shaded and mud-free. Play groups are separated for safety based on personality assessment, age, and size
  • Indoor play area with garage door opening up into one of our yards
  • Plenty of toys and enrichment in all the yards to keep dogs entertained for hours
  • Climate controlled kennels with privacy panels for stress-free relaxation and sleeping
  • Comfortable cots and bedding
  • Joined kennels for housemates to stay together
  • Consistent and fun daily schedule
  • Unlimited love and attention from kennel team members
  • Consistent and fun daily schedule for non-social dogs

Standard Rate

  • $57 per day (per dog) *Subject to change without notice*
  • Administering medications, supplements, etc.: $7 per day (per pet)

Even with our stringent safety policies and procedures, dog injuries do occur from time to time. Dogs use their teeth like we use our hands; they use their mouths to grab each other, steal objects, and play with one another. Nicks, scrapes and the occasional puncture wound will happen. Additionally, just like humans spread germs, so do dogs.

For additional fees, our medical team can treat for common injuries sustained from group play and treatment including these illnesses: Kennel Cough, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), and Papilloma Virus (warts)

First-Time Boarders

We always welcome new boarding guests! First-time guests for boarding are charged a fee of $21 for a personality assessment and brief health exam. We will provide you with a report of our findings during this assessment.

Because our boarding guests participate in group play, it’s important for us to know the personality of your dog. This will help us ensure they are mixed with an appropriate group of playmates in the proper setting. Whether your dog is playing in one of our outdoor play yards or enjoying the comforts of our indoor play area, we’re here to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

**Prices subject to change without notice, please call at time of reservation to get the most up to date pricing!**

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